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Proteus Update - 15 December

The restrictive trade rules have been relaxed. Players of any size can now trade with each other as long as they are within scanning range. To make trade easier, there is a new screen that tracks debts, the Ledger. See Below.

Proteus Update - 25 May

Spying has been updated so that once every 24 hours you receive your Experimentation Tech * Scanned Enemy Science * 12 in research points in a random tech. The total amount of research points earned is the same, but all at once, and in a single tech.

You can now also destroy the industry at one of your own stars so that it will not build new ships. Handy if you are trying to give the star to another player.

Trades are no longer public.

Proteus Update - 29 April

All Proteus Games have been updated with a few rules changes. Apologies if these rules changes negatively impact your current game. (If so, please let me know and I will try and fix you up with some free stuff)

Thanks again to everybody helping test Proteus. Apologies again for having to make changes to your active games.


Proteus is an fun set of alternate rules for Neptune's Pride.


There is no longer a daily production time. Instead, each of the three infrastructures pay every tick. Players are no longer at a disadvantage if they cannot login at a specific time of the day. Money will be paid, Ships will be built, and tech will be researched every tick.


All the techs have changed in some regard, but Banking, Experimentation, and Manufacturing have changed the most. Terraforming has been removed.

Banking, Experimentation, and Manufacturing now all act as a multiplier of the infrastructure at your starts.


Defenders no longer receive a Weapon tech bonus in Combat.

Economy, Industry, and Science are all destroyed when a Star is captured. No Credits are rewarded to the victor!

Trade and Diplomacy

Players must always be with in scanning range of each other to trade in Proteus.

When a player sends money to another player it's marked as a debt in the new Ledger Screen. When some or all of the dept is repaid the amount owing in the ledger is reduced.

When sending technology, the cost of the transfer is marked as a debt for the receiving player.

When debts are accrued by sending money or trading tech to another player for things the game cannot put a price on, a player can "forgive" the debt once they consider it to be paid.

Espionage / Spying

Once a day, players receive 12 research points for each enemy science facility within Scanning range for each Experimentation tech level.


The price of carriers grows with how many you already have, just like other infrastructure.


Some stars are connected by wormholes. You can travel between these stars ignoring normal range tech restrictions. Travel between 2 stars through a wormhole always takes 24 ticks.

Warp Gates

It always takes at most 12 ticks to travel between stars connected by warp gates, no matter how far apart they are. The longer the jump, the faster you travel.

Strengths and Weaknesses

When joining a game, you can choose a technology strength and weakness for your alien race. Tech you are strong in will be cheaper to research that normal. Tech that you are weak in will be more expensive.

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