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Players are awarded badges for some special achievements in game.

If you would like to reward somebody you enjoyed playing against you should buy them a badge. Read more about buying badges in game on a players Empire Summary screen.

Note: Players can elect to have any badge they recieve hidden on request. Email me:

Game Badges

Lifetime Premium Badge

Awarded to lifetime premium players as thanks for their dedication and support of the game!

Special Badge of Honor

Awarded for every gift purchased for another player. These players go above and beyond the call of duty in support of the game!

Wizard Badge

Awarded to members of the community that have made a significant contribution to the game. Code for a new feature or a map design we all enjoyed.

Lab Rat

Awarded to players who have helped test the most crazy new features and game types. Keep an eye on the forums if you would like to subject yourself to the game's experiments.

Tournament Badges

Tournament Competitor

Awarded to each player that participates in an official tournament.

Tournament Winner

Awarded to the winner of an official tournament.


Awarded to winners of 64 player games. Players holding this badge have proven skill in both combat and diplomacy.

Proteus Victory

Awarded to players who win a game of Proteus!

Player Awarded Badges


This badge is for players who show great courage in the face of adversity, holding on against all odds to support the alliance in victory!

Dead Set Badass

This badge is for the toughest opponents. Let other players be warned, this player shows a level of commitment that goes above and beyond.

Master Strategist

This badge is for players who had a plan and executed it with aplomb. Be they allies or enemies, some players deserve a little recognition for their achievements.

Slice of Cheese

Done something you're not proud of? Buy your victims a slice of cheese. The perfect way to say sorry.

Lucky Devil

Great tactics, awesome strategy, or just one lucky son-of-a-gun. This badge is for the player whose stars were aligned and warp gates engaged. You won't be so lucky next time!


This badge is for the players who breathe life and flavour into the game with their commitment to role-playing!

Cutthroat Pirate

In the treacherous universe of Neptune's Pride, it's a fine line between good and evil. This badge is for the players who tread this line with grace and mastery.

The Wolf

Buy this badge as a warning to all, this player is not as soft and fluffy as they look.


Hard places breed hard men, and hard men rule the world. Award this badge to the Ironborn of Neptune's Pride.

Quick Draw

For the player who shoots first and asks questions later. Whether they deliver a hammer blow or are massacred, such a bold move deserves some recognition.


Some players are always watching, just waiting for you to make that one crucial mistake. Why not buy that player who never seems to sleep the sentinel badge?

Mad Scientist

For those who love the feel of a lab coat against the skin. Reward those who claim galactic dominance by pushing their research teams to the limit!

Strange One

We all seek to anticipate our opponents’ moves, but sometimes their actions defy all predictions. Why not buy them this badge to show them how confused you are by their judgements.

Top Ally

For no other reason than that you enjoyed your game with this player.

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